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Summer Holiday Wind Band

The first Summer Holiday Wind Band rehearsals took place - under the baton of Frank Huxham - in 1989 at Blind Man's Wood, Mannamead, Scout hut. The idea was to give young musicians the opportunity to experience playing in a full band during their summer break. Originally, it was for young instrumentalists who were being taught their musical skills at school, but it was soon found that senior players were interested as well, either to hone their already acquired skills or to take up a second instrument.

Dates of rehearsals have always been the same: the first Tuesday of the summer holidays, and then the following five or six Tuesdays, with a concert on the last Friday in August (or first in September, depending upon dates).

Members of the senior band assist on all of these occasions, so that the whole programme is effectively supported by the City of Plymouth Concert Band. The Summer Holiday Wind Band has access to the very wide and extensive library of music that has been accumulated by the City Band.

The age of the musicians has ranged from six year olds to a lady, who was still enjoying her music with us in her eighties. One young man used to travel from Bristol every Tuesday to attend, and another looked forward to coming on holiday from Norwich.

Says Frank Huxham, who still conducts the summer rehearsals and concert, "The Summer Holiday Wind Band has been extremely satisfying over the years, resulting in young musicians gaining so much experience and pleasure. Many have gone on to be actively engaged in music, such as one becoming Professor of Tuba/Ophicleide at a London School of Music. Another is playing with the Halle Orchestra, and yet another is a soloist in London. One of our young players made his name at a well known jazz club in London. The list really is endless, but above all is the pleasure it gives the young music makers and the parents.

Young musicians who attend the Summer Holiday Wind Band should bring with them £1.50 (at present) and a packed lunch, and are taken care of from 10.30am until 3.30pm each Tuesday. If you're interested in attending in 2018 then contact Frank Huxham on (01752) 223037 or frankhuxhamcpcb@gmail.com

This page last updated: 31 December 2017