') City of Plymouth Concert Band

Steve Williams BA(hons)

Steve started playing the trumpet in 1964 in Wetherby, West Yorkshire. He left school at the age


of 15 and joined the H.M.Royal Marines Band Service, where he remained for the following 24½ years. On leaving the Band Service he became a peripatetic teacher in and around Plymouth whilst at the same time studying for a degree in music. Also, over the last 26 years, he has played in a number of local dance bands/big bands and in the pit orchestras of many shows, often alongside Frank Huxham.


Steve joined us in the autumn of 2017 on the retirement of Frank Huxham, who is still with us as Music Advisor and playing the french horn in the band.

We look forward to many years of playing under Steve's direction.

This page last updated: 26 June 2018