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Seabed Informatics Ltd offers consultancy in the following areas of marine science & technology and IT:

  • underwater imagery and visibility
    • problems in the field of underwater visibility
    • underwater imaging systems (e.g. Abiss)
    • measurement of the optical properties of natural water
  • marine and underwater short courses development and delivery
    • ocean science/oceanography/underwater science
    • underwater optics
    • underwater acoustics
    • fisheries science
    • nautical/marine navigation
  • fisheries oceanography and acoustics
    • fisheries oceanography
    • fisheries science
    • fisheries acoustics
  • marine navigation
    • navigational risk assessment
    • accident investigation
    • system assessment
    • performance standards
    • operational guidelines
  • marine biology
    • quantative megafaunal assemblage assessment (in conjunction with Abiss)
    • macrofaunal assemblage assessment
    • habitat mapping
  • software development
    • development of the core Seabed imaging technology: Abiss
    • specific customer solutions through modification and extension of the core technologies
    • design, prototyping and deploying of novel solutions; particularly in areas of imaging, optics, computation and nonlinear optimisation problems

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