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THE development of Abiss-MetriCam generated a number of research projects, both academic and commercial, and resulted in the publication of several journal papers, conference papers, articles, invited lectures, posters and a PhD. The programme comprised:

Original Abiss development
Field testing of Abiss
PhD research project using Abiss
The development of Abiss-3D
Writing of MetriCam and the Automatic Seabed Video Analysis project


original abiss development

Abiss was developed by Dr Derek Pilgrim at the University of Plymouth, UK, to facilitate the acquisition and measurement of images of the seabed, and natural and man-made objects lying on the seabed. Particularly, it addresses the major problem associated with the analysis of ROV photographs of the seabed: varying perspective caused by unknown angle of view, unknown camera altitude and, generally, unknown camera zoom. Abiss comprises a structured lighting system (diode laser array) and a software package, Benthic Imager (now MetriCamsoft), to analyse the seabed images.
photograph of original abiss camera

field testing of abiss

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phd research project using abiss

Dr David Parry used the Abiss system in benthic surveys of Plymouth Sound, England, and Loch Creran, Scotland, during the research programme for his PhD thesis "Quantification of marine megafaunal distribution patterns using a remotely Operated Vehicle", (< a href="abstract-DMP-phd.html">see PhD abstract).

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the development of abiss-3D

This project was undertaken in collaboration with, and supported by, QinetiQ. Research student Sid Remmer demonstrated that it was possible to define the dimentions of curved surfaces such as a cylinder, sphere or cone using a 16-spot Abiss-style array (see photographs).


writing of metriCam and the automatic seabed video analysis project

Experience of Abiss and its associated software package led to the writing of a completely new and improved programme, MetriCamsoft (see details). This system was field tested and further improved during the research programme Automatic Seabed Video Analysis, a collaboration between the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and Seabed Informatics Ltd.


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