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Features of this software

AT the heart of the new MetriCam system is an entirely new software program, MetriCamsoft , which is able to perform all of the tasks of which the earlier Abiss system was capable but with a number of significant improvements and additions. These are:

(1) Camera freedom in both pan and tilt
This new feature is, without doubt, the most significant improvement. In the Abiss system it was necessary to restrain the camera system in either pan (side-to-side) or tilt (up-down) planes and then use the appropriate five laser spots of the camera’s six. In MetriCam it will be possible to obtain and analyse images acquired at any combined angles of pan and tilt; there will be no need to even consider camera angle when obtaining images. Moreover, this will be made possible using only five laser spots.

(2) Fully automatic spot location
This is another marked improvement. In Abiss, the five spots were located manually. MetriCamsoft will include a routine that will, optionally, locate and mark the five spots automatically.

(3) Perspective and map views

Abiss displays only in perspective view, i.e. the actual image. MetriCamsoft will also, optionally, display a ‘morphed’ plan image, i.e. the view that would have been displayed had the camera been perpendicular to the plane of the image (and at an ‘infinite’ distance).

(4) Much improved image toolbox
This will comprise a comprehensive suite of image enhancement and analysis tools, filters etc including all of those currently available to users of the Abiss software. Additionally, it is planned to include specialist tools for particular uses (for example the alignment tool described in (8) for forensic investigators and surveyors, and recently developed noise filtering techniques for underwater work.

(5) Write notes

MetriCamsoft will, optionally, create an ‘archive’ folder on the user’s PC. This will be used to store recallable image scaling details (as in Abiss) and, additionally, will now save notes that the user may wish to make during image scaling and analysis. These notes will be saved, optionally, as MS Word or text files so that they may, subsequently, be incorporated into reports etc.

(6) Database
Alternatively, records may be kept on MS Access on-screen (though printable) artefact/feature record sheets with the option of including a selectable extract, from the main image, of the artefact or feature of interest. It is planned to include only a simple, basic sheet which the user can modify for custom use using the MS Access package.

(7) Drawing on image

MetriCamsoft will include a facility for drawing on the image (freehand, lines, multiple lines, arrows, rectangles, circles etc). This will enable the user to mark points/areas of interest etc.

(8) Alignments and angles

This new feature comprises any chosen number of manoeuvrable straight lines drawn on the image. These would be used, for example, in blood splatter analyses in forensic investigations, or by surveyors checking for misalignment. MetriCamsoft will also include a facility for measuring angles on an image.

(9) Image information

Full image information/details will be presented in a table at the click of an icon. Optionally, this table may be loaded into the ‘notes’ (see 6).

(10) Help facility

MetriCamsoft will have a much improved Help facility, including ‘What’s this?’ and internet connection to a MetriCam web site.

(11) Multi-mode

Although written to deal with the new MetriCam camera laser configuration MetriCamsoft will also be able to analyse images obtained with earlier Abiss-type cameras (e.g. ISS and ISStoxic and simple 2-spot systems).

(12) Option to include real-time imagery

It is planned to include a facility whereby the user can connect a ‘live’ camera to the PC. The live, moving image will be displayed on the screen and, on the press of a key or on-screen button, the current image will be grabbed and displayed ready for processing.

(13) Improved look and operation

Overall, the MetriCamsoft front end will have a much improved appearance, operation and user friendliness.

(14) Custom features

Seabed Informatics Ltd would be pleased to include additional features requested or suggested by users, either as custom items or, if of general application, then for inclusion of upgrades of MetriCamsoft . This includes (legal/licensing conditions etc permitting!) facilities for linking MetriCamsoft to other programs.


This page last updated: 4 November 2016