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Abiss was developed by Dr Derek Pilgrim at the University of Plymouth, UK, to facilitate the acquisition and measurement of images of the seabed, and natural and man-made objects lying on the seabed. Particularly, it addresses the major problem associated with the analysis of ROV photographs of the seabed: varying perspective caused by unknown angle of view, unknown camera altitude and, generally, unknown camera zoom. Abiss comprises a structured lighting system (diode laser array) and a software package, Benthic Imager, to analyse the seabed images.

Abiss ISS

IN the ISS system the array is built into the camera housing (designed at QinetiQ Bincleaves), and includes a sixth laser so that the system may be used for imaging ships, oil rigs etc.
see details of Abiss ISS .

Abiss ISS toxic

THIS system comprises an ISScamera with a spcially strengthened, gas-tight housing.
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Abiss photos

AN Abiss photograph album.
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AT the heart of the new MetriCam system is an entirely new software program, MetriCamsoft , which is able to perform all of the tasks of which the earlier Abiss system was capable but with a number of significant improvements and additions.
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Abiss 3D

A modified version of Abiss incorporatingsize="2 Bincleaves. The array of image spots enables the scaling and measurement of certain non-flat surfaces, namely cylinders, spheres and cones.
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Abiss publications

DETAILS of journal papers, conference papers, articles, invited lectures posters and ebooks which have been published by the Abiss team in the course of the developement of this system.
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Abiss-MetriCam research

THE development of Abiss-MetriCam generated a number of research projects, both academic and commercial, and resulted in the publication of several papers, articles, reports, invited lectures and a PhD.
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