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Dr Derek Pilgrim
Dr David Parry
Capt Colin Brown

Dr James Pilgrim
MEng PhD

Skills summary
Operating systems:

GNU/Linux, HP-UX, Windows: 95, NT/2000, 98/ME, XP

Programming Languages:

C, C++, C#, Perl, POSIX shell, Python, Ruby, XSLT, Visual basic.
Other Languages: HTML, LATEX, XML, UML
Packages: CVS, Make, autoconf/automake, MySQL, Generic Office Software, Emacs, Vi, computer music software.
  12 years of programming experience in a wide variety of languages and environments.
Firm understanding of object-oriented programming.
Knowledge of general CGI concepts and web programming techniques.
Some experience with Java, OOPearl, SQL, Scheme, Lisp.
Academic qualifications

PhD (Power Systems and Artificial Intelligence)
MEng 1st class Hons (Electrical and Communication Engineering, Bath University)


2004 on Software Engineer, The Automation Partnership, Royston, Herts.
2002 on Consultant/software developer, Seabed Informatics Ltd
2002-04 Software developer, Cmed Technology Ltd, Cambridge
1998 - 2001 Math Tutor, University of Bath
1998 Hardware Engineer, Plymouth Marine Laboratories
1997 Freelance Software Developer, Teignbridge Propellers Ltd

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