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Dr Derek Pilgrim
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Dr Dave Parry


35 Kinross Avenue

tel:  +44 (0) 1752 - 256151

Email: dparry@plymouth.ac.uk


Lecturer, Institute of Marine Studies, University of Plymouth

    Associate consultant, Seabed Informatics Ltd
Academic qualifications
    Ph.D. (University of Plymouth) Quantification of marine megafaunal distribution patterns using a Remotely Operated Vehicle
M.Sc Applied Marine Science (University of Plymouth)
B.Sc. (Hons) Zoology (International) (University of Leeds; McMaster University, Canada)
Research interests
    My Ph.D. research was concerned with quantifying the spatial patterns of benthic megafaunal assemblages to investigate whether the distribution of bioturbating fauna may be used as a surrogate for predicting and mapping infaunal community structure and ecosystem function.  I am particularly interested in applying landscape ecology theory in the marine environment and using underwater imaging from remotely operated vehicles in benthic biological research.
Relevant experience
  • Comprehensive experience of sampling techniques including video and still photography, remotely operated vehicles, acoustics, trawls, dredges, grabs and corers. 
  • Experience of working in temperate and tropical subtidal, intertidal and estuarine environments.
    Substantial knowledge of the identification of marine invertebrates.
  • Extensive knowledge of statistical analysis from univariate techniques to multivariate community data analysis using PRIMER software and geostatistical techniques such as Moran's I and rank correlograms for analysis of spatial autocorrelation. 
2003 on Lecturer, Institute of Marine Studies, University of Plymouth, UK.
Associate consultant, Seabed Informatics Ltd
Autumn 2000 and 2001 Scientific Officer, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, United Kingdom and Ranong Coastal Resource Research Station, Ranong Province, Thailand. 
July – October 1998 Scientific Officer, Marine Biological Association, Plymouth, United Kingdom.
Sept. 1997 – July 1998  Benthic Research Assistant, Plymouth Marine Laboratory, United Kingdom.
May 1995   Voluntary Scientific Assistant, Tampa Bay Study Group, Florida, United States.

Refereed Journals

Parry, D.M., Kendall, M.A., Pilgrim, D.A., Jones, M.B. (2003) Identification of patch structure within marine benthic landscapes using a Remotely Operated Vehicle.  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 285–286, 497-511. 

Solan, M., Germano, J.D., Rhoads, D.C., Smith, C.J., Michaud, E.,
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Raffaelli, D., Bell, E., Weithoff, G., Matsumoto, A.K., Cruz-Motta, J.J., Kershaw, P., Parker, E.R., Parry, D.M., Jones, M.B. (2003). The ups and downs of benthic ecology: considerations of scale, heterogeneity and surveillance for benthic-pelagic coupling.  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 285–286, 191–203.

Parry, D.M.
, Nickell, L.A., Kendall, M.A., Burrows, M.T., Pilgrim, D.A., Jones, M.B. (2002) Comparison of abundance and spatial distribution of burrowing megafauna from diver and Remotely Operated Vehicle observations. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 244, 89–93

Pilgrim, D.A., Parry, D.M., Jones, M.B., Kendall, M.A. (2000). ROV image scaling with laser spot patterns. Underwater Technology, 24(3), 93–103. 

Parry, D.M.,
Kendall, M.A., Rowden, A.A., Widdicombe, S. (1999).  Species body size distribution patterns of marine benthic macrofauna assemblages from contrasting sediment types.  Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 79, 793-801

Conference papers

Pilgrim, D.A., Parry, D.M., Remmer, S (2001) The underwater optics of Abiss (Autonomous Benthic Image Scaling System). Ocean Optics 6, Institute of Physics, London, 9th October 2001

Parry, D.M.,
Jones, M.B., Kendall, M.A., Pilgrim, D.A. (2000) Quantitative investigation of megafaunal distribution using remotely operated vehicles. Porcupine Marine Natural History Society Newsletter, 5, 44-45.

Pilgrim, D.A., Duke A., Parry, D.M., Symes, G (2000) Diver/UUV underwater measurement system. 3rd DERA Image Processing and Interpretation Conference, DERA Malvern, April 2000.

Poster presentations

Parry, D.M., Kendall, M.A., Pilgrim, D.A., Jones, M.B. (2001). Quantitative spatial and temporal distribution patterns of bioturbating megafauna using a Remotely Operated Vehicle.  36th European Marine Biology Symposium.  17-22 September, Menorca, Spain.

Parry, D.M.
, Kendall, M.A., Jones, M.B., Pilgrim, D.A. (2000). Image scaling aids identification of sediment structures observed by Remotely Operated Vehicles.  Porcupine Marine Natural History Society Meeting: Approaches to Identification. 17-19 March, Plymouth, United Kingdom.

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