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Dr James Pilgrim
Dr Dave Parry
Capt Colin Brown

Dr Derek Pilgrim
BSc MSc PhD CPhys MInstP Master Mariner

Geraldine Cottage
PL12 4QR

tel: +44 (0) 1752 - 844210
mob: 07968251173

Email: derek@seabed.info

Director and consultant, Seabed Informatics Ltd.
Consultant to Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Rome


Academic qualifications
BSc (Maritime Studies)
MSc (Physical Oceanography)
PhD (Optical Oceanography)
Professional qualifications
Master Mariner (Foreign Going) Certificate of Competency
City & Guilds London Institute FE Teachers' Certificate.

2003 on: Director and consultant, Seabed Informatics Ltd
2000 on: Visiting Lecturer in Ocean and Fishery Science, Malta Centre Fisheries Sciences, Marsaxlokk, Malta.
1973- 2003: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Principal Lecturer, Plymouth Polytechnic/ Polytechnic SW/ University of Plymouth 
1986-94: DoT examiner for the Extra Master’s Environmental Studies paper.
1977-89: Tutor and Examiner in Oceanography, Open University
1971-73: Lecturer, Fleetwood Nautical College 
1967-71: Lieutenant, RNR 
1967-70: Cargo and ship surveyor, Newport Docks  

 1957-77: Cadet, 3rd, 2nd and Chief Officer Merchant Navy and RFA


Consultant to project MedFisis - GCP/INT/918/EC FAO(UN), Rome..
Writing/editing of book on statistics of Maltese fishery; FAO(UN), Rome.
Development of MetriCam
Development of Abiss: QinetiQ, UK
MedSudMed fisheries project (UN-FAO), Malta
Underwater visibility: UK
Sinking, recovery and survey of fishing vessel: Devon and Cornwall Constabulary
Fisheries education and training: Malaysia, Iran, Malta

Research (including several voyages N & S Atlantic and Arctic on research ships)
Underwater imaging in high contrast situations. Visibility of underwater signage. Optical properties of suspended particles. Relationship ocean colour and CO2 exchange. Relationship ocean colour and satellite imagery. Spectral reflectivity of water in river plumes. Underwater visibility; diver visibility; visibility of fishing nets/gear. Measurement of light absorption underwater. Development of Abiss (Autonomous Benthic Image Scaling System) and associated underwater projects. Development of ARIA (Acoustic Ranching in Aquaculture)
PhD supervision as Director of Studies

Omachi, C.Y (2003) Investigation of primary productivity along the Atlantic Meridional Transect (50 deg N to 33 deg S) through fast repetition rate fluorometry. University of Plymouth

Lerebourg, C.J-Y.J. (2003) Development and modelling of a point source integrating cavity absorption meter (PSICAM). University of Plymouth

Gillon, R.J.(2003) Development of ROV based high-resolution seabed inspection techniques for nearshore geotechnical engineering. University of Plymouth.

Parry, D.M. (2002) Quantification of marine megafaunal distribution patterns using a Remotely Operated Vehicle University of Plymouth. University of Plymouth.

Woodd-Walker, R.S. (2000) Spatial variation in zooplankton size and taxonomic community structure along a 50N to 50S transect of the Atlantic. University of Plymouth.

Westbrook, A.G. (2000) Spatial and seasonal variation in the performance of algorithms for deriving in-water properties from ocean colour. University of Plymouth.

Gallienne, C.P. (1997) The development of novel techniques for characterisation of marine zooplankton. University of Plymouth

PhD examiner
University of Plymouth
Southampton University
Middlesex University
Society for Underwater Technology: member of Underwater Science Group Committee
Institute of Physics: member of Optical Group Committee
Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology: member of Professional Affairs Working Group


PhD: (1988) Optical attenuation coefficients in oceanic and estuarine waters. Plymouth Polytechnic/CNNA

MSc: (1972) Acoustic profiling in shallow water with particular reference to a sub-bottom survey conducted off Caernarvon. University College North Wales.

Refereed Journals

Lovell, J.M., Findlay, M.M., Harper, G., Moate, R.M. and Pilgrim, D.A.(2005) The polarisation of inner ear ciliary bundles from a scorpaeniform fish. Journal of Fish Biology, 60, 836-846.

Lovell, J.M., Findlay, M.M., Moate, R.M. and Pilgrim, D.A.(2005) The polarisation of hair cells from the ear of the European bass (Dicentrarchus Labrax). Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, Part A 141, 116-121

Parry, D.M., Kendall, M.A., Pilgrim, D.A. and Jones, M.B. (2003) Identification of patch structure within marine benthic landscapes using a Remotely Operated Vehicle. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 285-286.

Parry, D.M., Nickell, L.A., Kendall, M.A., Burrows, M.T., Pilgrim, D.A. and Jones, M.B. (2002) Comparison of abundance and spatial distribution of burrowing megafauna from diver and Remotely Operated Vehicle observations. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 244, 89–93

Lerebourg, C., Pilgrim, D.A., Ludbrook, G.D. and Neal, R. (2002) Development of a point source integrating cavity absorption meter. Journal of Optics, in print

Caldeira, R.M.A., Groom, S., Miller, P., Pilgrim, D.A. and Nezlin, N.P. (2002) Sea-surface signatures of the island mass effect phenomena around Madeira Island, Northeast Atlantic. Remote Sensing Environment, 80, 336-360.

Pilgrim, D.A., Parry, D.M., Jones, M.B. and Kendall, M.A. (2000) ROV image scaling with laser spot patterns. Underwater Technology, 24(3), 93-103.

Parry, D.M., Jones, M.B., Kendall, M.A., Pilgrim, D.A. (2000) Quantitative investigation of megafaunal distribution using remotely operated vehicles. Porcupine Marine Natural History Society Newsletter, 5, 44-45.

Aiken, J., Rees, N., Hooker, S., Holligan, P., Bale, A., Robins, D., Moore, G., Harris, R., and Pilgrim, D. (2000) The Atlantic Meridional Transect: overview and synthesis of data. Progress in Oceanography, 45, 257-312.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1999) The observation of underwater light - part 2. The Hydrographic Journal, 91, 13-18.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1999) The observation of underwater light - part 1. The Hydrographic Journal, 90, 23-27.

Westbrook, A.G., Aiken, J. and Pilgrim D.A. (1998) Spatial variation in the performance of algorithms for the interpretation of remotely sensed measurements of colour during the first Atlantic Meridional Transect (AMT-1). Proceedings of the Institute of Physics Applied Optics Division Conference at Brighton, 16-19 March 1998, 229-234.

Westbrook, A.G., Pinkerton, M.H. Aiken, J. and Pilgrim, D.A. (2000) Simulated performance of remote sensing ocean colour algorithms during the 1996 PRIME cruise. Deep Sea Research II, 48, 845-856.

Lavender, S.J., Westbrook, A.G., Aiken, J. and Pilgrim, D.A. (1997) Derivation of water leaving radiances during PACE. Proceedings of the Third International Airbourne Remote Sensing Conference and Exhibition, Copenhagen, 7-10 July 1997, 676-683.

Gallienne, C.P., Robins, D.B. and Pilgrim, D.A. (1996) Measuring abundance and size distribution of zooplankton using the optical plankton counter in underway mode. Underwater Technology, 21(4), 15-21.

Newbury, P.F., Culverhouse, P.F. and Pilgrim, D.A. (1995) Automatic fish population counting by artificial neural network. Aquaculture, 133, 45-55.

Benns, E.J and Pilgrim, D.A. (1994) The effect of particle characteristics on the beam attenuation coefficient and output from an optical backscatter sensor. Netherlands Journal of Aquatic Ecology, 28(3-4), 245-248.

Pilgrim, D.A., and Millward, G.E. (1989) Variation in the diffuse optical depth of the bed of a tidal estuary. Developments in Estuarine and Coastal Study Techniques, (Ed. J. McManus and M. Elliott), Olsen and Olsen, 101-107.

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Pilgrim, D.A. (1987) Measurement and estimation of the extinction coefficient in turbid estuarine waters. Continental Shelf Research, 7(11/12), 1425-1428.

Uncles, R.J., Elliott, R.C.A., Weston, S.A., Pilgrim, D.A., Ackroyd, D.R., McMillan, D.J. and Lynn, N.M. (1985) Synoptic observations of salinity, suspended sediment and vertical current structure in a partly mixed estuary. In: Physics in Shallow Estuaries and Bays (van de Kreeke C, ed), Springer-Verlag, 58-70.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1984) The Secchi disc in principle and in use. The Hydrographic Journal, 33, 25-30.

Conference papers

Pilgrim, D.A., Parry, D.M., Remmer, S (2001) The underwater optics of Abiss (Autonomous Benthic Image Scaling System). Ocean Optics 6, Institute of Physics, London, 9th October 2001

Parry, D.M., Jones, M.B., Kendall, M.A. and Pilgrim, D.A. (2000) Quantitative investigation of megafaunal distribution using remotely operated vehicles. Porcupine Marine Natural History Society News Letter, 5, 44-45.
Pilgrim, D.A., Duke A., Parry, D.M., Symes, G (2000) Diver/UUV underwater measurement system. 3rd DERA Image Processing and Interpretation Conference, DERA Malvern, April 2000.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1999) Analysis and presentation of underwater video recordings. Hydro '99, Plymouth, January 1999.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1998) Using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for underwater scientific observations. Coastal and Ocean Modeling, Valletta, Malta, November 1998.

Pilgrim, D.A. and Gallienne, C.P (1998) Viza - an underwater camera that counts plankton. Coastal and Ocean Modeling, Valletta, Malta, November 1998.

Ewins, N.J. and Pilgrim, D.A. (1997) The evaluation of PhotoModeler for use under water. Proceedings of the Fourth SUT Underwater Science Symposium, Newcastle upon Tyne, November 1997, 135-145.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1994) Observations of visibility in a laboratory tank. SUT Underwater Science Symposium, Bristol 12-13 March 1994.


Pilgrim, D.A. (2002) Celebrating a century of challenge. Marine Scientist, no.2 Winter 2002/03.

Pilgrim, D.A. (2002) Sea pictures reveal all. Marine Scientist, no.1 Autumn 2002.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1999) Making measurements from video. International Ocean Systems Design, 4-7, May/June 1999.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1986) Using a micro for coursework assessment. Aspects of Assessment, Educational Services, Plymouth Polytechnic.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1980) The assessment of wind speed at sea - part 2. Safety at Sea, 13-15, May 1980.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1980) The assessment of wind speed at sea - part 1. Safety at Sea, 27-32, May 1980.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1980) Hot air, wind or waves? Fairplay International Shipping Weekly, 15, Jan 1980.


Pilgrim, Pilgrim, D.A. Coppola, S and Mosteiro, A.(2011) Fishing vessel census: training manual. GCP/INT/918/EC/MedFisis; MedFisis Technical Documen, FAO, Rome.

Robbins, D., Pilgrim, D.A., Kendall, M.A.(2007) Automatic Seabed Video Analysis Report to Proof of Concept Fund, Research and Inovation, University of Plymouth.

Pilgrim, D.A. and Lovell, J.M.(2002) A review of current publications dealing with the impact of low frequency sounds upon fish Report to Devon Sea Fishing Association.

Pilgrim, D.A. (2000) Exploration of structured lighting/image processing techniques to aid underwater target classification. Report to DERA Bincleaves (contract no.SSDW/1153)

Gallienne, C.P. and Pilgrim, D.A. (1995) An automated liquid crystal shutter for underwater cameras in extreme contrast conditions. Report to DERA Malvern.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1991) Fisheries training in Southern Iran. Report to United Nations FAO, Rome, January 1991.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1985) A ghost-net experiment in shallow water near Plymouth. Sea Fish Industry Authority IDU Internal report No.1232

Invited lectures

Pilgrim, D.A (2004) MetriCam in crime scene imaging?
(1) Department of Forensic and Investigative Science, University of Central Lancashire, UK.; 28th June, 2004

(2) Police Scientific Development Branch, St Albans, UK; 22nd October 2004.

Pilgrim, D.A (2003, 2004) Abiss (Autonamous Benthic Image Scaling System): a new tool for benthic surveys
(1) University of Queensland, Australia, 11th March, 2003

(2) National University of Singapore, Singapore; 2nd April 2003
(3) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; 8th April 2004

Pilgrim, D.A (2002) Acquisition and analysis of benthic photographs. FAO MedSudMed Meeting, Sliema, Malta, december 2002.

Pilgrim, D.A (2001) The University of Plymouth Abiss (Autonomous Benthic Image Scaling System) CEFAS Symposium: Autonomous Measurements in the Marine Environment, London, 26th April, 2002.

Pilgrim, D.A (2001) Development of underwater video techniques at the University of Plymouth, UK. Russian State Hydrometeorological University, St Petersburg, Russia, 22nd July 2001

Pilgrim, D.A. and Remmer.S (2001) The University of Plymouth Abiss (Autonomous Benthic Image Scaling System) Plymouth Geographical Association, Athenaeum Theatre, Plymouth, 21st September 2001.

Pilgrim, D.A. (1982)
(1) Attraction and frightening of fish in catching operations
(2) The selection of system parameters for acoustic fish-finding devices
(3) Fish detection equipment commercially available to the European fisherman

Sixth WEGEMT School, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain, May 1982.


Remmer,S. and Pilgrim, D.A. (2002) An underwater object scaling system using structured lighting. Seventh International Conference on Remote Sensing for Marine and Coastal Environments, Miami, Florida, USA, May 20-22, 2002.

Parry, D.M., Kendall, M.A., Pilgrim, D.A., Jones, M.B. (2001) Quantitative spatial and temporal distribution patterns of bioturbating megafauna using a Remotely Operated Vehicle. 36th European Marine Biology Symposium. 17-22 September, Menorca, Spain.

Parry, D.M., Kendall, M.A., Jones, M.B., Pilgrim, D.A. (2000) Image scaling aids identification of sediment structures observed by Remotely Operated Vehicles. Porcupine Marine Natural History Society Meeting: Approaches to Identification. 17-19 March, Plymouth, United Kingdom.

plus book reviews, conference reports etc

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